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Due to restrictions with the payment processors and affiliate eWallet provider for the company I promote, they are unable to conduct business in the countries listed below. Unfortunately, they are unable to make any exceptions to the list below. This page contains the most up-to-date information and will be updated if any changes are made. Thank you for your understanding.

  • Afghanistan

  • Albania

  • Algeria

  • Angola

  • Armenia

  • Azerbaijan

  • Bangladesh

  • Belarus

  • Benin

  • Bhutan

  • Burkina Faso

  • Burma

  • Burundi

  • Cameroon

  • Central African Republic

  • Chad

  • Congo

  • Cuba

  • Dominica

  • Egypt

  • Equatorial Guinea

  • Eritrea

  • Ethiopia

  • Fiji

  • French Southern Territories

  • Gambia


  • Guinea

  • Guinea-Bissau

  • Guyana

  • Haiti

  • Heard Island and McDonald Islands

  • Herzegovina

  • India

  • Indonesia

  • Iran

  • Iraq

  • Ivory

  • Kazakhstan

  • Kenya

  • Korea

  • Kosovo

  • Kyrgyzstan

  • Laos

  • Lebanon

  • Lesotho

  • Liberia

  • Libya


  • Macedonia

  • Madagascar

  • Magnitsky

  • Malaysia

  • Mali

  • Mayotte

  • Micronesia

  • Moldova

  • Mongolia

  • Montenegro

  • Morocco

  • Mozambique

  • Myanmar (Burma)

  • Nepal

  • Nicaragua

  • Niger

  • Nigeria

  • North Korea

  • Northern Mariana Islands

  • Pakistan

  • Paraguay

  • Philippines

  • Russia

  • Rwanda

  • Saint Lucia

  • Saint Martin

  • Senegal

  • Serbia


  • Sierra Leone

  • Solomon Islands

  • Somalia

  • South Sudan

  • Sri Lanka

  • Sudan

  • Swaziland

  • Syria

  • Tajikistan

  • Tanzania

  • Timor-Leste (East Timor)

  • Togo

  • Tonga

  • Tunisia

  • Turkmenistan

  • Uganda

  • Ukraine

  • Uzbekistan

  • Vanuatu

  • Vatican City

  • Venezuela

  • Vietnam

  • Wallis and Futuna

  • Yemen

  • Zambia

  • Zimbabwe


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Online Marketing Education
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